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Bowling is for everyone! It is a great way to socialize, compete against friends, family or team members and relax. In fact, bowling is the most popular participation sport in the United States with more than 43 million people bowling at least once last year. Whether you're a lone bowler, league bowler, or looking for a great time with friends and family, WOS is your bowling destination!

Monday 2:00PM - 9:00PM
Tuesday 2:00PM - 9:00PM
Wednesday 2:00PM - 9:00PM
Thursday 2:00PM - 9:00PM
Friday 2:00PM - 11:00PM
Saturday 10:00AM - 11:00PM
Sunday 1:00 - 9:00pm

Monday - Thursday  
Lane Rate:
$25 per lane per hour
Game Rate:
$5.00 per game
League Bowler Rate:
$2.50 per game

Lane Rate:
$35 per lane per hour
Game Rate:
$5.00 per game (until 6:00pm)
League Bowler Rate:
$2.50 per game (until 6:00pm)

Lane Rate:
$35 per lane per hour
Game Rate:
$5.00 per game (until 6:00pm)
League Bowler Rate:
$3.25 per game (until 6:00pm)
Lane Rate:
$35 per lane per hour 
Game Rate:
$5.00 per game (all day)
League Bowler Rate:
$3.25 per game (all day)

$3.50 per pair or
purchase a $5 arcade card instead and receive the shoes free


Register at to receive two free games of bowling every day from April 1 - October 31. 

Family passes available. 

Bowling FAQ's

Do you have bumper bowling?

Yes. We have automatic bumpers on lanes 1 – 10 and manual bumpers on lanes 11-20.

What is the best time to come in for open bowling?

Anytime is a GREAT time for Bowling!!!!! During the Fall and Winter Months, there is limited lane availability on Monday - Thursday evenings until 9:00pm.If you would like to make reservations, just call 434-572-BOWL (2695)

Do you have league bowling?

Yes!!!! Our Fall Leagues typically start in Early September and run through April, depending upon the league. We have bowling leagues every evening Monday – Thursday and, Wednesday – Saturday mornings. We have a popular Summer League on Thursday evenings. Interested in joining a league? Just call us. We would love to get you on a team that might be looking for an additional bowler or get your team on the league that best meets your needs. Just call 434-572-BOWL (2695).

Do I need bowling shoes?

Yes. Bowling shoes are specially designed to allow you to slide and stop without damaging the approach. Street shoes or tennis shoes ae not allowed. We also ask that you change into your personal shoes if you need to leave the bowling area as a safety precaution.

How many can bowl on a lane?

We recommend 4 or 5 per lane for a steady pace. However, we can accommodate 6-8 if requested.

Can I bring in outside food or beverages?

No outside food or beverages are permitted. We do allow birthday cakes to be brought in for scheduled birthday parties.

What happens if I lost my World of Sports game card?

We are sorry but we cannot replace a lost or stolen card unless you have registered it here at the World of Sports. We encourage everyone to register their cards at the kiosk or with personnel at one of our stations. Need to check your card balance? Click here

Can I drop my child off?

We want to provide a family friendly environment for all our guests and believe that families that play together, stay together. We require and expect a parent, guardian, or adult to accompany all guests under the age of 18 and agree to be responsible for their conduct and safety. 

Can I purchase mixed beverages in the bowling center?

Yes. Mixed beverages may be purchased by those with a valid form of identification and delivered to your lane in the bowling center or purchased at the bowling counter.

I have some other questions. Who can I contact?

Please call 434-572-2695 We look forward to serving you.

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